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Regulatory and Compliance


A Tool Kit for Section 106 Programmatic Agreements
Developed for the Center for Environmental Excellence, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

By Lynne Sebastian and Terry H. Klein.


Public Outreach


El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro
The Royal Road from Mexico City to Santa Fe
Lessons on El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro for 5th - 8th grades.


Welcome Travelers (44 KB PDF)

The Grand Adventure! Lesson Plans (452 KB PDF)

Appendices (4 PDFs - 272 KB .zip file)

Illustrations (10 PDFs - 9.2 MB .zip file)

Bienvenidos Viajeros (52 KB PDF)

¡La Gran Aventura! Planes de la Lección (456 KB PDF)

Apéndices (4 PDFs - 292 KB .zip file)

Ilustraciones (14 PDFs - 10.5 MB .zip file)


Historic Preservation Research


Planning and Environmental Linkages for Historic Preservation

By Cambridge Systematics, Inc and SRI Foundation. June 2012.


Effective Practices for Considering Historic Preservation in
Transportation Planning and Early Project Delivery

National Cooperative Highway Research Program Project 25-25, Task 49.

By Terry H. Klein, David Cushman, Danny Kwan, and Elizabeth Stepp. August 2009.


cover from legacy reportIntegrating Archaeological Models:
Management and Compliance on Military Installations

Legacy Resource Management Program, Project 06-167
SRI Foundation Preservation Research Series 7

By David W. Cushman and Lynne Sebastian, November 2008.
Download the report (1MB PDF)
Download figures for appendix d (160K PDF)



National Register of Historic Places
National Cooperative Highway Research Program Project 25-25, Task 33.

By Terry H. Klein and David Cushman, November 2007.


A Workshop on Updating Guidance for Management of Cold-War Era Properties on Military Installations, Tucson, Arizona, 7-9 February 2006
Legacy Resource Management Program, Legacy Project 05-285.

By Martyn D. Tagg, Marlesa Gray, Teresita Majewski, Scott Thompson, and Terry H. Klein. November 2006.


Download the PDF
(25.2 MB PDF)


A Working Conference on Enhancing and Streamlining Section 106 Compliance and Transportation Project Delivery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, February 2004

By Terry H. Klein and Lynne Sebastian, August 2005.
Download the report (1.6 MB PDF)


NCHRP Synthesis 347, Managing Archaeological Investigations:
A Synthesis of Highway Practice
Transportation Research Board.

By Terry H. Klein, Lynne Sebastian, Samantha M. Ruscavage-Barz, Stephanie Ford, and Joe E. Watkins, 2005.


NCHRP Report 542, Evaluating Cultural Significance: Implementation Tools
Transportation Research Board.

By Mark R. Edwards, Rebecca L. Peer, Emily Lindner, and Terry H. Klein, 2005.


Environmental Stewardship and Streamlining: Fact or Fiction, Transportation Research Board 2005 Summer Meeting, Santa Fe, New Mexico. 2005


A Workshop on Predictive Modeling and Cultural Resource Management of Military Installations, Santa Fe, New Mexico, November 15-18, 2004
Legacy Resource Management Program, Legacy Project 03-167.

By Jeffrey H. Altschul, Terry H. Klein, and Lynne Sebastian, August 2005.
Download the report (396 KB PDF)


Adaptive Management and Planning Models for Cultural Resources in Oil and Gas Fields: The New Mexico Pump III Project, Final Report
Department of Energy Project DE-FC26-02NT15445, Final Technical Report.

By Lynne Sebastian, Jeffrey H. Altschul, Chris M. Rohe, Scott Thompson, and William E. Hayden, December 2005.
Download the report (23.8 MB PDF)

Note: This PDF will take extra time to view given the number of large graphics. If you have difficulty viewing this PDF (especially if you are using a dial-up), you can contact us at e-mail to receive a free copy of this report on a CD.


Predictive Modeling in the Military: Similar Goals, Divergent Paths, 2004

By Jeffrey H. Altschul, Lynne Sebastian and Kurt Heidelberg.

Download the PDF (2.3 MB PDF)

Historic Bridges: A Heritage at Risk. A Report on a Workshop on the Preservation and Management of Historic Bridges, Washington, D.C., December 3-4, 2003
By Eric DeLony and Terry H. Klein, June 2004.

Download the report (389 KB PDF)

Note: This PDF may take some extra time to view in your browser. It has not been optimized for web distribution because of an error with Acrobat Reader 5 and 6. Please, be patient!


National Forum on Assessing Historic Significance for Transportation Programs, May 23-25, 1999, Washington, D.C. Transportation Circular Number E-C055
Transportation Research Board.

Prepared by Terry H. Klein and Lynne Sebastian, August 2003. (529 KB PDF)


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